Key Investment Considerations

The company owns established forestry rights granted by Alberta forestry commission and independently valued at in excess of $110 million

Site owned (freehold) consents obtained

Substantial pipeline of projects

Proven and established technology

Proven team with established track record

Substantial construction partners and full EPC and O&M contracts available

Entire production will be pre-sold on long term contracts with minimum floor price to investment grade purchaser

Investment Opportunity – Project 1

PWC is now seeking USD $110M which will be used to commission and operate its sustainable biofuels plant in Peace River, Mackenzie County, Canada. This amount does not include transaction fees or debt financing costs during the construction period.


There are two opposing driving forces in the 1st century of the 3rd Millennium:

  • An awareness that CLIMATE CHANGE is the millennial generation´s, indeed the world‘s major concern

  • Opposed by the indisputable fact that Energy is the key to economic growth throughout the developing economies and is in itself the solution to many of the problems of the world

  • However, at the same time the very production of the energy is a synonym for almost all factors that are impacting and driving CLIMATE CHANGE.


The availability/efficiency of the plant is set at 92% or about 8,000 hours of production at regime, the remainder is set for scheduled and extraordinary maintenance.

*Revenues Projection:
Further information on our Financial Models is available and access to a comprehensive data room can be granted on signing of appropriate non-disclosure agreements.


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from Canada's largest and fastest-growing sources

PWC's Gen 2 Biofuel can be economically utilised in Canada's existing carbon-based infrastructure

PWC'sGen 2 Biofuel creates far more jobs than other renewables and builds human resource strengths

PWC's plant will create new employment in the region for hundreds of highly paid and trained staff

PWC's biofuel plant will support good quality forestry husbandry and help reduce the risks of wildfires

PWC's Gen 2 Biofuel provides significant economic development opportunities for indigenous peoples

PWC's Gen 2 Biofuel provides immense cleantech innovation and technology development opportunities